The Nehru Fellowship in Politics and Elections is a unique opportunity for young, progressive Indians to understand politics and elections in India. The Fellowship aims to provide unparalleled hands-on exposure to the different functions of a political consulting firm, including Campaigns, Policy Research, Political Strategy and Communications.

Additionally, the Fellows may also get the opportunity to work in an election war room, or in the office of a senior politician.

We aim to build a community of passionate, like-minded people who are ready to explore, broaden perspective, and gain valuable skills through an adventurous political journey.

The Fellowship (starting September 2023) will be a 12-month, full-time stipend program based out of Bengaluru.

Who can apply?

The overarching aim of the Fellowship is to provide a platform for young Indians to participate in the design and execution of election campaigns.

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Must hold a Bachelor's Degree in any discipline.
  • Must be an Indian citizen.
Selection process

The Fellows will be selected through a two-stage evaluation process.

In the first stage, applicants will be shortlisted based on the information provided in their application. Educational record, work experience and statement of purpose will be considered.

In the second stage, the shortlisted candidates will be provided further instructions, based on which they will submit a video.

Final selections will be made based on an interview (video/telephonic).

What to expect

Fellows, over a period of 12 months, will get hands-on exposure by doing a rotational stint in different functions of a political consulting firm, including campaigns, research, political strategy and communications.

The Fellowship will start with a two-week training program. After the training, Fellows will spend six months working in three different functions (two months per function). Following that, Fellows will spend the remaining six months specialising in one functional area of their choice. At the end of the Fellowship, Fellows would have gained a deeper understanding of how a political party approaches elections and developed the key skills required to ideate, operationalise and manage an election campaign.


Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 75,000.