Nehru Fellowship

Frequently Asked Questions

Admission FAQs

1. What is the application deadline for the Nehru Fellowship?

The last date to apply is 23rd July 2023.

2. Who is eligible to apply for the Nehru Fellowship?

The applicant should

i) Be an Indian citizen and

ii) Have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline

We are looking for candidates keen and passionate about driving change in Indian politics.

3. When will the applicants hear back on the status of their applications?

Applicants shall hear about the status within two weeks after the application deadline.

4. What is the duration of the Nehru Fellowship?

The Nehru Fellowship is a 12-month full-time fellowship.

5. The applicant is not an Indian citizen but holds a PIO/OCI card. Is he/she eligible for the Nehru Fellowship?

As mentioned, only Indian citizens can apply. Therefore, individuals holding PIO/OCI cards are not eligible to apply for the Nehru Fellowship.

Program FAQs

1. How is the fellowship structured?

The fellowship will start with a two-week training stint. This will be followed by a six-month work placement in three verticals of the organisation. Fellows shall spend the remaining six months specialising in one functional area of their choice.

For example, if a Fellow is inclined to specialise in communications, he/she can choose to work for two months each in any three of these four verticals: Research, Political Strategy, Campaigns and Communications. Post this, he/she can spend the remaining six months in the Communications vertical.

2. Will the applicant receive certification after completing the fellowship?

A certificate of completion will be awarded to the Fellows after completing the one-year term of the program.

3. Is mentorship a part of the program?

Fellows will get an opportunity to work with seasoned political consultants who have contributed across the political spectrum since the inception of this space.

Career Development FAQs

1. What kind of career opportunities are available post-fellowship?

The Fellows can aspire to build their careers in political consultancy, public policy research, governance advisory, social development, media, brand management and communications. For instance, a Fellow specialising in research can aspire to be a public policy researcher.

2. Is there an opportunity to work at Inclusive Minds after the Nehru Fellowship?

Yes, fellows with exemplary performance during the fellowship may be given an opportunity to work at Inclusive Minds.

Finance FAQs

1. What is the monthly remuneration of the Fellows?

The monthly stipend is Rs 75,000.

2. What additional benefits will be made available to the Fellows?

Health insurance coverage would be available during the term of the Fellowship.

Office Campus FAQs

1. Where is the office campus located?

The base location for the fellowship is Bengaluru.

2. Would Fellows be required to travel during the fellowship?

The Fellows may have to travel to field locations as per the need of the assignment.

3. Will Inclusive Minds be providing any accommodation?

Inclusive Minds will provide accommodation to outstation candidates for the first 14 days.